My Work

Nebraska Retail Federation


This is the most recent campaign I have worked on. I was part of the strategy team. We came up with the big idea of the campaign as well as the tactics the Nebraska Retail Federation should use. 

(This campaign is still being developed, as soon as we finish I will upload it here).

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FOX Deportes


My sports media and communication capstone is ran in conjunction with FOX Sports. This semester they challenged students from all over the country to create a social media focused campaign to promote Thursday Night Football on FOX Deportes. This was an interesting campaign because we got to examine the Hispanic demographic, which is becoming an increasingly important part of advertising in the United States.

(This campaign is still in development, as soon as we finish I will upload it here).

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During my account planning class I worked on a campaign for a local brace company ARYSE. I was part of every piece of this campaign besides the interviews. My main role was to develop strategic marketing tactics.

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Last May, I signed up for a three week brands and branding course. In this class I was tasked with creating a brand-building campaign for Folgers. This was a challenging assignment because of the time constraints, but I still feel proud of the campaign I created.

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Ohio State Football


In my sports media relations class, in the spring of 2018, we learned how athletic departments are set up. Our project was to examine the athletic department and one of the major men's sports programs. We were randomly assigned with Ohio State so we decided to analyze the football program (I am NOT a buckeye fan). 

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Charlotte Russe


This was the first full advertising campaign I worked on at UNL. As a guy, it was challenging to work on a women's clothing store as my first campaign. In the long run, I believe it was very beneficial to start creating campaigns about products I had no former knowledge about. 

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This project's instructions were to record video with our phone and use the Adobe Premiere Clip app to compile everything into one video. We also had to take some audio that we recorded and put it throughout the whole video.